PostNord Ship Connect to WooCommerce

A complete order and shipping manager with automation
available directly in the WooCommerce dashboard.
Automate your order flow and free up your time for other things.

In cooperation with

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A brand new

PostNord plugin with retailers on map

PostNord Ship Connect for WooCommerce is developed together with PostNord. You can set up shipping methods and shipping methods
in the PostNord Skicka Direkt Business portal. The plugin then displays the shipping methods in your checkout. You can activate the map with retailers & parcel boxes during installation. Order & shipping management is handled directly in WooCommerce.

Design and features are developed in collaboration with PostNord.

Stylish, clear & simple for you and your customers

PostNord Ship Connect saves you time and gives your customers an easy way to choose the delivery option that suits them best. They can also choose to have their order delivered to any retailer or parcel box that is also shown on the map.

Through PostNord's new portal (Skicka Direkt Business), you can easily select and configure the shipping methods and delivery options you want to offer your customers, whether they are businesses or private individuals. The map function is activated during the installation of Ship Connect.

Ship Connect then displays the selected shipping options in a stylish and clear way.

Stylish, clear, and easy for quick trades

Decide the shipping method & mode according to your rules

Map for selecting retailers & parcel boxes

Save time by automating the order flow

Take a look at the plugin on our demo page!

Check out our demo page for the plugin and see how your checkout can look like with our plugin!
Add something to the cart and proceed to checkout.

All shipping methods & shipping methods for e-commerce

PostNord Ship Connect supports all popular shipping methods, shipping modes and shipping add-ons available for e-commerce in the Skicka Direkt Business portal.

Support for all shipping options in the portal

Easy installation & configuration

Map function for retailers & parcel boxes

Prices for PostNord Ship Connect

You have a 14-day free trial regardless of your choice of license.

Monthly licence
Start-up cost 2500SEK excl. VAT will be added
250 sek
License for a domain
License for development servers
14-day FREE trial
Monthly payment via Stripe
Updates during the license period
30-day support via chat, e-mail
Access to Helpdesk
Access to videos & guides
12 month license
Starting fee 2500 SEK excl. VAT will be added
2500 sek
Save 20% with annual payment
License for a domain
License for development servers
14-day FREE trial
Monthly payment via Stripe
Updates for 12 months
30-day support via chat, e-mail
Access to Helpdesk
Access to videos and guides

More about PostNord Ship Connect

PostNord Ship Connect for WooCommerce supports all e-commerce shipping options available in Skicka Direkt Business. Below you can see some of the features the plugin has. You can also watch the video about the plugin.

Examples of functions:
Configured through the Postnord portal
Support for all e-commerce shipping methods
Show retailer & parcel box on map
Support for in-store pickup
Automatic order processing
Book or reserve a shipment
Change of shipping method & shipping method on order
Change of agent & mailbox on order
Print labels directly in WooCommerce
Track packages directly in WooCommerce
Track packages directly in WooCommerce
Track packages directly in WooCommerce

Frequently asked questions before buying

What shipping methods and modes can I choose?

Delivery to delivery point (courier or parcel box)
MyPack Collect (incl. Business, DPD)
Rek (incl. Business, International, 2000, 10000, 20000)

Delivery to door (with postcode support)
MyPack Home (incl. DPD)
Parcel (incl. Business, DPD)
Waybill Economy (incl. Business, DPD) Business)
Waybill 1st class (incl. Business)

Delivery to letterbox
MyPack Home Small (incl. Business)
Trackable Letter International (incl. Business)
Waybill International (incl. Business)

Pick up in store
Pick up in store - Offer your customers to pick up the order in store or warehouse shop themselves.

NOTE! This option is configured and activated in the PostNord portal, but the delivery is handled by the e-merchant.

How do I set up the shipping methods I want to use?

You set the shipping methods in PostNord "Skicka Direkt Business". This is PostNord's new Portal that replaces PacSoft. Under the E-commerce tab, you set up your store, shipping methods and shipping methods. There you can also activate various shipping surcharges and shipping rules.

Can I request a feature that I am missing?

Of course, the easiest way is to contact us via chat. We will review all suggestions internally and with PostNord. And if they are approved, they are planned into our roadmap.

Is installation included?

No, installation is not included and costs extra, please contact support for the current price. Most people are able to install it on their own as the installation itself is quite simple. There is also information in our Helpdesk and also an installation video. We're also happy to help answer any questions that come up along the way.

Can I pay by invoice?

No, we use Stripe card payment and sometimes PayPal. However, all new customers have a 14-day trial period, and your card will only be charged after 14 days. So you can test the product at your leisure and if you are not satisfied you can end the trial period.

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