Oktagon HQ

We have transitioned from a traditional office to having our team working from different locations around the country. While we can no longer welcome you to a physical office, we offer the same warm welcome in a digital environment.

We look forward to sitting down with you over a digital cup of coffee, discussing your business and future opportunities.

About Oktagon

What we do at Oktagon

Oktagon, established in 2004, has developed into a prominent player in the e-commerce sector.

An important breakthrough came in 2017, when we developed a customized integration for a customer who was looking for a more efficient solution to manage all orders received through the company's e-commerce.

The client needed a system to automate and streamline the management of shipping labels and related documents. The existing solutions were inadequate, too basic and lacked critical functionality.

This led Oktagon to create its own integration. The work attracted the attention of the company behind the TA system the customer was using, resulting in new collaboration opportunities and for Oktagon a new focus, e-commerce integrations.

2024 Oktagon has developed 12 products, customized for three of the largest e-commerce platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

Every day, over 700 companies choose to use our products, clearly demonstrating that they meet high standards of quality and reliability. This also reflects our firm commitment to fulfill the needs of e-retailers.

700+ business customers
currently use our products to distribute shipments globally.
Release of our first product

We created our first product for shipping and order management. Which is still a popular choice.

Release of three additional products for shipping and order management. Both for WooCommerce and M2

Nshift (formerly Unifaun) - Web-TA/TMS as well as Nshift Delivery and Nshift Checkout.

Nshift Checkout for Shopify

In autumn 2021, we launched our first app for Shopify, which immediately became popular.

2022/05 - Development in progress

Two new products are currently in development and two more are scheduled to launch after the summer.

2022/08 - PostNord Ship Connect for WooCommerce and M2

On behalf of PostNord, PostNord Ship Connect is developed and launched for WooCommerce and Magento 2.

2023/05 - Shipit Now to Shopify

Release of Shipit Now to Shopify. Available in the Shopify app store.

2023/06 - Web-TA/TMS for Shopify

Release of Web-TA/TMS for Shopify.

2023/07 - PostNord Booking to Shopify

Release of PostNord "Booking" to Shopify.

2023/11 - PostNord Ship Connect to Shopify

Launch of PostNord Ship Connect for Shopify on the Shopify app store.

and more products will be...