Oktagon HQ

Our office is located in Västerås about 300 meters from the train station and 5 minutes from the E18 if you drive. Come by and say hello, have a cup of coffee and talk about life, your business and the future.

About Oktagon

What we do at Oktagon

Oktagon is not a new company, but was founded in 2004. We have been working with e-commerce since the beginning.

In 2017, we worked on a project for a customer who had many orders and wanted to avoid doing everything manually. They wanted to send all the orders to a TA system to be able to print shipping notes etc. We tested some of the already existing solutions that were available to the system at the time. But they didn't quite work the way the customer wanted. They were too simple and lacked many of the desired features. The only option left was to develop our own integration.

Shortly after the launch of the project, we were contacted by the company behind the TA system. They had heard about our integration and asked if we were interested in developing more. Today we have a total of 10 products for three of the largest e-commerce solutions and more are in development.

500+ corporate customers
Since the launch of our first product in 2017, over 500 companies have now purchased our extensions and use them daily to send shipments to different parts of the world.
2004 - 2007
Foundation of the Oktagon

Focus on web development and marketing. OsCommerce was the hot choice of e-commerce system along with Joomla.

2008 - 2016
Magento and WooCommerce

Magento and WooCommerce emerged and immediately became popular alternatives to OsCommerce.

Release of product #1

We created our first product for shipping and order management. Which is still a popular choice.

First app for Shopify

In autumn 2021, we launched our first app for Shopify, which immediately became popular.

2022/05 - Development in progress

Two new products are currently in development and two more are scheduled to launch after the summer.