nShift Checkout
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View shipping methods including retailers & parcel boxes in your store. Automate order processing, book/save shipment, print shipping/return label & track directly in Shopify dashboard. Work smarter and free up your time for other things.

"Great app that works. You get help to get everything in place and good support. Can really recommend this one."

"EXCELLENT service! I recommend everybody to use this app if they need to integrate nShift with Shopify."

Our extensions are installed by 500+ companies

Faster order processing directly in Shopify

With nShift Checkout for Shopify, you work directly in Shopify's order view just like normal, only smarter and faster. Display your shipping options including choice of agents & parcel boxes in your checkout and let customers choose how they want their order delivered. With automated order management, you'll complete orders quickly, saving lots of time and reducing the risk of errors.

"Great app that works. You get help to get everything in place and good support. Can really recommend this one."
"Great app that I used for integration between nShift and Shopify. Offers no up-front fees (that you get if you go directly through nShift), and EXCELLENT service! I recommend everybody to use this app if they need to integrate nShift with Shopify."

Get started quickly

You start by configuring the shipping methods and modes you want to offer your customers in the nShift portal.

Then fill in the fields for API keys etc. in the app, where you also choose how you want the orders to be handled. It's just a few fields to get started.

The Shopify app then displays the selected shipping options in a stylish and clear way.

Save time with smarter order management

Make it easy for customers to choose shipping methods

Choose the shipping method & mode according to your own rules

100+ carriers, even more modes

nShift Checkout for Shopify supports all popular shipping methods and shipping methods available for e-commerce.

Support for 100+ carriers

Easy installation & configuration

Showing retailers & parcel boxes

Pricing for nShift Checkout for Shopify

You have a 14-day free trial regardless of your choice of license.

7-day FREE trial included
Save 20% with annual payment
Unlimited order processing
Help with configuring shipping methods
Support directly from the developers
Access to Helpdesk
Access to videos & guides
Come and go meeting (optional)
Usage based - 100pcs orders
Package of 100 orders, refill as needed
Add more when needed
Handling of 100pcs orders
Help with configuring shipping methods
Free support directly from the developers
Come and go meeting (optional)
Access to Helpdesk
Access to videos & guides

More about nShift Checkout for Shopify

Below you can see some of the features of the app. You can also watch the YouTube video.

Examples of functions:
Support for 100+ carriers
Support for retailers & parcel boxes
Automatic order processing
Book or reserve a shipment
Print shipping labels directly in Shopify
Print return labels directly in Shopify
Return configurator
Track shipments directly in Shopify

Frequently asked questions before buying

How do I set up the shipping methods I want to use?

You set the shipping methods in the nShift portal. Log in and click on the Maintenance tab in the main menu, select Freight Checkout. There you can set up shipping methods, shipping modes and shipping rules.

Is installation included?

Yes, we will help you get started with the app by providing support during the configuration of the app and shipping methods in the nShift portal. As well as telling you what changes you need to make in your store to get started with the app and nShift Checkout. There is also information in our Helpdesk and also an installation video on our Youtube channel. We're always available via chat if questions arise along the way.

What version of Shopify do I need to use your Shopify app?

Shopify has some requirements for retrieving shipping methods from external systems, but this has nothing to do with the version of Shopify. You can use Basic but in all cases you need to enable Carrier based shipping rates via the settings in your store.

In order to enable it, they have a requirement that you pay the Shopify subscription per year. So you can't have monthly payments.

After you change to yearly payment, you need to contact Shopify and ask them to activate Carrier based shipping rates. It takes about 24-48 hours for it to be activated (in the meantime you can configure your shipping rates in the nShift portal) then you can see nShift's shipping rates in your store.

How does Usage based work?

The Usage based option means that you "load" the app with 100s of order handlers in much the same way as you would load a prepaid card for a mobile phone. Once you have handled 100 orders, the app needs to be reloaded to handle more.

Can I request a feature that I am missing?

Of course, the easiest way is to contact us via chat. We review all proposals internally and if approved, they are planned into our roadmap.

Want to know more about our Shopify app or book a briefing?

Book a product review, ask your questions via our chat.