PostNord - Long-awaited update to Ship Connect finally here

Discover the new features that are now available for those using Ship Connect for WooCommerce & Magento.

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PostNord - Long-awaited update to Ship Connect finally here

Now you can finally get shipping rates at checkout based on destination country and weight range. You can define your own shipping zones and which countries to include.

Another long-awaited feature is the additional service "Extended laytime 14 days" which you can now choose for MyPack Collect. In addition to these new features, there have also been improvements to the handling of unconfirmed shipping reservations. You can now change them before they are completed.

- PostNord: "We are extending the possibility to change an unconfirmed shipping reservation in the Shipments sektion of Send Direct Business by offering the possibility to change the shipping service in addition to changing the weight itself."

Other improvements

  • For MyPack Collect DPD, selectable delivery points are now available.
  • The distance to the recipient's delivery point is now calculated at the specific address, making sorting at the checkout even more accurate.
  • For a more pleasant checkout experience, prices are now displayed in the checkout converted to another currency with fewer decimals.

Create a more enjoyable checkout experience with Ship Connect! Learn more and try out the new features at (external link)