What is the difference between DHL Multishipping and nShift Web-TA Base?

DHL Multishipping
becomes nShift TMS base

Technically, there is no difference as both booking sites belong to
the same platform. You will also be able to use your previous DHL Shipping plugin for
WooCommerce & the Magento 2 module, but you will have to switch services.

nShift DHL/TMS-base

Created broadcasts per month
Fee for nShift TMS-Base per month
SEK / Month
Includes one carrier by default, select your volume level of packages to continue*
Created broadcasts per month
Fee for nShift TMS-Base per month
0 - 10
11 - 50
69 SEK
51 - 100
99 SEK
101 - 200
199 SEK
201 - 300
299 SEK
301 - 500
499 SEK
501 - 1000
999 SEK
1001 - 1500
1 499 SEK
1501 - 3000
2 999 SEK
3001 - 10000
3 999 SEK


DHL Multishipping will close on 31 May 2022. If you have a plugin or module from Oktagon/Media Strategy, you do not need a new plugin, but can use the previous one. However, you will need to switch to e.g. nShift TMS, TMS-base or Web-TA. However, this FAQ is only about nShift DHL & TMS/Web-TA-Base.

How do I download nShift DHL & TMS-Base?

The nShift TMS-Base plugin and the Magento 2 module are available in the nShift TMS portal.

Can I use the same plugin I had for DHL multishipping?

Yes, if you have DHL Multishipping from Oktagon/Media Strategy you can continue as usual. You only need to change the subscription to DHL/TMS-base.

What is the difference between DHL Multishipping and nShift DHL/Web-TA Base?

Technically, there is no difference as both booking sites belong to the same platform. The difference will mainly be in terms of appearance, and some menus will look different. In Web-TA Base it is possible to book shipments also with DHL Express, which was not possible in DHL Multishipping.

It says I can get nShift Web-TA Base from 0 SEK/month. Is it really free?

Until 31 October, TMS/Web-TA Base is free for all users migrating from DHL Multishipping. For those with 10 or fewer shipments per month (on average), TMS/Web-TA Base is free even after that. See below for price list based on shipment volume.

How does nShift calculate the monthly fee for nShift Web-TA Base from 1 November?

Your monthly fee is based on your average send volume over the last 12 months and is updated once a quarter. nShift will send you an invoice with a discounted monthly cost down to 0 SEK for your TMS/Web-TA Base account (excl. options) valid until 31 Oct, which will indicate the price level of your send volume.

Is there a notice period for the service and how does this work?

The notice period under the Terms is 1 month for nShift's services. It is worth noting that nShift invoices on a quarterly basis and that the current payment period, which is therefore for 3 months, is always paid in full regardless of when a notice of termination is received. If the termination is requested with less than one month left in the current payment period, the next three-month period is also activated and the account is only closed when this period is over.

Will my activated options be affected?

No, all options already activated on your DHL Multishipping account will remain after the transition to TMS/Web-TA Base, and will be invoiced as before if the option is not free.

Will I have access to the same features and keep my settings, templates, transport contracts and address book?

Yes, the same functions will be available in Web-TA Base as in Multishipping and all personal settings will remain unchanged.

What will happen to my ongoing broadcasts?

All broadcast data, both pending and archived, will be retained when your account is converted to nShift TMS/Web-TA Base. However, this data will not be transferable to MyDHL Freight.

Will I still have access to my DHL Multishipping account even if I create a MyDHL Freight account before 31 May?

Yes, unless otherwise agreed between you and DHL.

How quickly can I access my new Web-TA Base account after I order the product? Can I use the service and book shipments immediately after I press Order?

Yes, the conversion process is immediate and your new account will be ready to use immediately after you log out of DHL Multishipping and log in to nShift TMS/Web-TA Base.

What happens if I have not made a choice by 31 May?

After 31 May, you will no longer be able to use your DHL Multishipping account to book shipments, but the shipment history and the ability to convert to a TMS/Web-TA Base account will remain.

How do I log in to my new account in nShift TMS/Web-TA Base?

You can log in via the following link: https: //service.web-ta.net/login/

I have an active integration from Oktagon/Media Strategy, will it be affected if I switch to nShift TMS/Web-TA Base?

No, the integration link from the Oktagon/Media Strategy will work as before and will therefore not be affected.

Will I have the same access to a support function as I had in DHL Multishipping?

Yes, with the difference that nShift support can help you with questions related to the use of the service (nShift TMS/Web-TA). Questions related to DHL services and various other carrier-specific issues still need to be addressed directly to DHL customer service. And questions regarding Oktagon plugins & modules are handled by Oktagon support.

How do I contact nShift TMS/Web-TA support if I have questions?

As an nShift TMS customer, you have access to their Help Center, which provides detailed descriptions in text and images on how to use the service. You can also call nShift at +4687298850 to speak to their TMS/Web-TA support.